This exlusive range of natural stone mosaics range from marble to pebbles and comes in a variety of finishes from honed to polished. Stone is a natural choice for homeowners and home renovators as it always harmonises with changing style and colour schemes. Subtle tones and textures always provide inspiration and can be combined with a variety of other tiles, although they look naturally better with a matt tile as opposed to a glossy. Featured here are highly glossy polished marble, ancient Mesopotamia Venetian mosaic, pebble, rustic and linear stone mosaics.
  • Bricks

  • China Patterns

  • Circle

  • Fusion

  • Halfround

  • Hammer

  • Hexagon

  • ledgestone

  • Pebble

  • Piller

  • Ripple

  • Square

  • Tapper

  • up-down

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